Automotive Consulting

Ed Schaplow brings many years of automotive experience to the table.  If you have a project requiring extensive expertise and clear direction, call Ed to discuss how he can bring momentum to your undertaking. (Testimonials)

Fleet Emission Evaluation

Not only do fleets have to adhere to mandated state and federal emission regulations, but between fines, fees and other related costs, overall fleet emissions have become a serious bottom line consideration.  Ed offers a clear track through this complex arena.  Call Ed for more information.

Automotive 3rd Party Product Evaluation

If your company is looking for a clarity of direction through the myriad of products out there, Ed's years of experience can deliver what you are seeing a need for.  Call Ed to discuss what he would suggest for your project.

Emissions Reduction Technology Development

Because of his broad automotive background, Ed has taken a lead role in a number of technology development projects in the emissions reduction space.  When your company is delving into uncharted technical areas, Ed's experience from all his prior projects can be a significant help in moving your new technology forward. Phone Ed for a conversation regarding your product.